Customer Reviews 2013

We asked our customers to comment and rate on a scale of 1-10 our haunted house and this is what they have said so far

 Reviews from 2013

” I give it a 20!! It was the best out of the 3 I went to!!

– Vanita Dean


10/10.. ” The line went way fast. I loved the turning tunnel, the people where scary but not pushy! It had a lil of everything and way longer than it looked from the outside! I can’t wait to go back:)

– Erica Shaw


” 18! I thought the worker at the beginning was being cocky when he said I would come out willing to spend $40 to go through it, but he was definitely correct! Y’all were the best I have been to in a couple of years!

– Kiya Gage


” yalls haunted house was the best one I’ve ever been too and that vortex was awesome!!! I wanna come back again!!! I give it a perfect 10

– Haley D Henson


” This haunted house ROCKED!!! Went to 3 other haunted houses tonight and this one was the BEST by far!!! Y’all are awesome!!! Defiantly a 20+ and I’m coming back for sure!!!

– Chancelee Edney


” One of the best haunted houses in East Texas..! A perfect 10 !

– Korbin Boles


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